New chapter. New city. New goals.

I studied my undergraduate at Sheffield Hallam University and got a first in English Language. I studied the structure of language, how it can be shaped to suit different purposes and how it can play a role to demonstrate power relations, gender and other ideologies.

Romana 2014 graduation
Romana 2014 graduation

Once I graduated, I realised I wanted to go into Public Relations but felt that I did not fully understand what the role entailed. So, I decided to pursue a Masters in PR which developed my theoretical knowledge of what PR is, how to plan a campaign, critically evaluate campaigns and understand the history of PR.

Many employers want you to have a minimum of two years’ experience and I knew that my academic profile would not be enough to kick start my career. During my time at university I would commute to Bradford to work for a boutique called Janan. My job role required me to manage the social media and take care of any written communication for both internal and external stakeholders. Although this was a fantastic opportunity for me to nurture the skills I had learnt from university, I felt that the PR for the company was subject to my limited knowledge. I knew that in order for me to grow, I needed to work as part of a team with PR knowledge and expertise. I also asked my uncle to allow me to manage the social media for his restaurant as I knew it would show that I could manage different clients at once.

At the moment, although I have theoretical knowledge and some experience in the field, I feel that with the Taylor Bennett Foundation I will have the confidence to go for PR jobs in big corporate companies. The Taylor Bennett Foundation recognises that there isn’t much diversity in the sector at the high level and will help me with my dream of working up the corporate ladder.

mehendi eid
mehendi eid

When I am not working, I like to try new things and keep myself busy. My love for doodling allows me to use henna to decorate hands and feet of family and friends. I love to be adventurous and challenge myself. Moving to London away from my family and friends meant I was out of my comfort zone when pursuing my career. I want to prove it to myself and others that someone like me can go up in the world.


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