NEXT STEP – Taylor Bennett Foundation 2015 – Finsbury

I was coming to the end of my Masters in Public Relations and realised I needed to consider my next step. I heard about the Taylor Bennett Foundation from my university tutor who told me that she had previous students who went through the process and who were now working in the communications industry. I looked at the website and realised it would be a great opportunity for me to get my foot in the door and get noticed as a serious PR professional.

I wanted to give it my all and be fully prepared for the assessment day and so I made sure I was aware of current affairs, past PR campaigns and read up about the sponsoring company Finsbury. The assessment day was nerve racking, however I kept calm in order to gather my thoughts and articulate my passion, experience and skills to the interviewers.

Being from Sheffield, I had a long journey back and was praying that I would get a phone call to put my mind at ease.  Getting the phone call from Anne was amazing; I couldn’t believe that a girl like me would be working for a company like Finsbury.


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