AGL Communications – Presentation skills

Jennifer Macdonald was such a nice lady. I definitely felt like I improved within the session. She invited us to see how she worked with her clients to develop their presentation and communications skills. She stated how her clients would range from senior professionals to the Prime Minister. So, I felt quite privileged to have her dedicate the time to help me improve my skills in order to help me throughout the TBF training programme and my career.

In the beginning the idea of being recorded seemed quite daunting. Hearing the sound of my own voice in front of my colleagues who would then give me feedback seemed like a terrifying experience. But having said that, Jennifer really put me at ease. The way she presented was approachable and friendly and she also showed us how we could improve. I also felt I developed the skill of being self critical and reflective of my own presentation skills in addition to my peers. I feel walking away from this session, I can make improvements to how I present in the future.

AGL Taylor Bennett Foundation
AGL Taylor Bennett Foundation


  • Slow down
  • Pause
  • Focus on my body language

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