Who knew Financial Communications was so interesting?

When I saw on my timetable we were going to be learning about IPOs and M & A, I am not going to lie I actually thought I would zone out. Compared to the fun corporate reputation presentation we had last week, I was not so confident about this presentation. Basically I thought I would be lost in translation with a whole loads of jargon and figures.


I actually found it fun. Okay granted it may not be as “sexy” or glamorous as consumer PR, but I feel there is something exciting and important in Financial PR.  I feel I will fit in within the sector compared to something like Fashion and Beauty PR .

It was so interesting to see the different layers and planning involved. Everything sounds more sophisticated than it is because it is abbreviated e.g. IPOs, ITFs etc. I feel within the sector I would be making a difference as I will be managing and protecting big blue-chip ftse 100 brands which will give satisfaction. Imagine that! Going back to Sheffield and saying, Easy Jet are my client or StarBucks. It would be soooo cool! I feel this really suited why I wanted to go into PR and Communications in the first place, it was different, changing and dynamic.

The Finsbury team used case studies to help us grasp what they were saying and actively encouraged my team and I to discuss and ask questions. James Fearnley (Associate Partner) in particular stood out to me as he encouraged an active discussion and allowed me to relay what I had just learnt from the previous presentation. I feel, I remember things better when I am able to talk and apply knowledge to actual case studies.


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