Team Date!

TBF team 2015
TBF team 2015

Building your network and contacts to help you through your career is something which is constantly emphasised throughout the Taylor Bennett Foundation. I am lucky to be spending my 10 weeks with these lovely bunch of ambitious individuals. Last Friday night we all went out as a team to Leicester Square, China Town and South Bank. It was a chance for us to put work aside and to get to know each other. Being from Sheffield, I have always wanted to see the London lights and the Embankment at night. It lived up to my expectations as the view was just picturesque. Being with the team made it more special and I also got to know them a bit more. One funny side note, was how we were all hungry and couldn’t decide on a place to eat.  We finally found a place called Salt and Pepper which was a nice restaurant which serviced South Asian cuisine. It was good to see which one of my friends could handle the heat!

Salt and Pepper meal TBF
Salt and Pepper meal TBF

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