My Top Ten favourite PR bloggers

As PR professionals we are constantly told about the importance of improving our online presence and raising our online profile. Many employers do not want us to just state that we have excellent communications skills, they want evidence of it. What better way than posting your content online! It provides a window for employers, practitioners and people of similar interests to look at what you have to say. This is the same for PR bloggers who advise, educate and express their own opinions on industry issues.

As PR professionals we need to ensure we are constantly up to date on news coming from different channels and blogs are one way to fuel our need to get information. Here are my top 10!

Livi’s blog is the perfect read for aspiring PR professional or current students. She offers advice and top tips to help students like My Tips for New PR Students and 5 Tips on Choosing a PR Dissertation Topic. Each blog post is written in a really fun way to get people interested. Her blogs are not loaded with terms her readers will not understand which makes the content more appropriate for people at the start of their careers. Someone like me!

Being the course director of TBF her blog definitely fits her forte of providing support for PR professionals. She has ten years of PR recruitment and training experience which allow her to use her expertise to offer advice to candidates wanting to get their foot in the door. As part of the TBF I need to look for jobs and I really benefited from her 150 PR agency internships, apprenticeships, work experience, graduate schemes & entry-level roles blog.  This made my search easier because she provided brief summaries of what each company offered along with links to encourage me to apply.

We all know reputations can take years to build and only seconds to destroy. Melissa Agnes’ blog provides a comprehensive analysis of various crisis situations with case studies to evidence the importance of effective crisis management. An example is the blog on the California Oil Spill: Plains All American Pipeline’s Lack of Crisis Response where Melissa wrote a brief critical assessment of the situation.

Throughout the TBF we have had sessions which have helped us on writing cover letters, CVs, press releases etc which have been beneficial for our career development. Jeremy Porter publishes similar posts which provide support to journalists and PR professionals in these areas. If you want tips, ‘how to’ guides or general advice on how to improve your writing skills, Jeremy’s blog is the place to look. His posts also include detailed insight into the evolving online landscape with blogs such as Periscope and Meerkat: The New ‘Twitter’ for Reporters and The State of the News Media 2015, areas which are relevant for PR practitioners to be aware of; especially when people are finding alternate means to consume news.

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives for both our personal and business lives. The increase of social media means businesses need to constantly manage their reputation in real time. Bearing this in mind, Melonie Dodaro’s blog centres on giving advice and training on how to come up with strategic social media plans.

In the blog Todd is described as an “innovator, thinker & lecturer” which makes me think he is the right man for the job to publish content about the industry. This man eats sleeps and breathes PR. His articles provide a more comprehensive insight into the world of PR which would be appreciated by more senior professionals. The Social Media Jedi Academy tab made me chuckle but provided really detailed and specific advice for practitioners to develop within the field.

Brian Solis is a principal analyst at Altimeter Group, an award-winning author, prominent blogger/writer, and keynote speaker. With such an impressive introduction it goes without saying that whatever this man says will carry a lot of weight with professionals. He provides a comprehensive scope into areas which affect the industry which will be appreciated by senior professionals. This blog drew me in because I have an interest in working in corporate communications and I feel his content has a theme of being serious, corporate and business focused.

Spin definitely sucks. It’s a term no PR professional appreciates. The title of the blog makes me feel that the type of content posted tries to take control of how PR is perceived and tries to open up people’s minds to what PR is all about! I like how the blog has a guest bloggers tab which promotes and encourages engagement rather than people just passively reading. Their subject lines for the blogs are very tabloid-esque, using puns like “Gin and Topic” making it an easy read for practitioners of all levels.

Not going to lie, the name of this really drew me in. Elena comes across as being really passionate about the PR industry and uses her two decades of experience to demystify what it means to work in PR. She has a “New? Start Here!” tab which has a quote by Bill Gates that I liked,

“If I were down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on PR” – Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft.

Her lists of posts start from defining PR to actually do-it-yourself PR.

Rachel provides a refreshing perspective for experienced practitioners to come up with innovative ideas for their working lives. She is passionate about her job and her writing style attempts to make the PR industry sound fun. Her blogs also involve the opinion of other practitioners which build this sense of community. I particular found the “Internal communication glossary” helpful as it broke down jargon by using simple and easy definitions.

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