5 tips for preparing for an interview

It is perfectly normal to be nervous for a job interview because you want to show the interviewers that you’re the right person for the job. The key is to stay calm and make sure you are prepared before the interview, in order to make sure you do not let your nerves take over. Think of it as a performance like any other show there is a lot of preparation which involves reading the script, learning the steps, doing the dress rehearsals. All you need to do is prepare, practise and perform.

Follow my 5 tips on how you can prepare yourself for an interview.

  1. Background of the business: Go on the website of the business to find out what it is all about. This will allow you to get a sense of its business values, practise and culture. Has the business won any awards? Have they been in the news? Do they specialise in certain areas which you can tie in your own skills and experiences? Also, if you know who you are going to be interviewed by, check out their Linked In profile to get a better feel of the person. It will also encourage you to deliver a dialogue which will interest them.
  1. Dress for the job: Dress appropriately to reflect the image you want to project. You are your own brand and need to be presentable and echo values of being professional.
  2. Be aware of your skills, abilities and experiences: Look through your CV and Linked In page to refresh your memory of what it is you have done. When answering questions in interviews, the interviewers want evidence of the skills you claim to have e.g. “I have great written communication skills because I write my own blog which highlights issues and trends which affect the aviation industry.”  
  3. Be ready to ask relevant questions: Every interview will end with the interviewer asking if you have any questions. Use this opportunity to use your background knowledge of the business to show them that you have done your research e.g. “I saw on your website you worked on … tell me how you were able to tackle … issues?”
  4. Plan your route in advance: Being late will start you off on the wrong foot and will reflect badly on you before the interview has even started. You have other things to worry about and so finding the building should not be one of them. Use google maps or any other map app to plan your journey. Do not wait until the day of your interview to find where it will be held. Be aware of delays, train strikes or other circumstances that may cause you to be late. If you become late despite your best efforts make sure you let the interviewer know.

Remember the 3 Ps: prepare, practise and perform!


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